The book Acres of Diamonds is one of the most famous books in the world. The author, Russell Conwell, was asked to give a speech to the 10 year reunion of his Civil War troops. He gave this speech as a result. It was then requested over and over again throughout the years.

It is fair to say this speech was given more times than any other speech in the history of the world. Russell Conwell personally gave this speech over 6,000 times, traveling from city to city. With the proceeds of the speech, he would pay for his room, board and train fare, then send the rest back to Temple University. These funds put nearly 2,000 students through college.

Discover your very own Acres of Diamonds

The book details story after story of people overlooking riches in their own back yard, only to spend their time looking elsewhere.

You owe it to yourself to read Acres of Diamonds.

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I’ve added a workbook filled with questions on how you can discover your own Acres of Diamonds.

The workbook grew out of helping hundreds of people look for their Acres of Diamonds.

There are a growing number of case studies as well of up to date examples of people finding or missing their own opportunities.

In having coached hundreds of people over the years I’ve discovered some interesting things:

  • Most people under value what they know
  • Most people think of themselves as ordinary and accept ordinary incomes and outcomes
  • Once people are made aware of the value of what they know, they go on to be much more successful
  • Once people wake-up to the possibilities of finding opportunities, they start to see them everywhere

It is not about making people greedy, focused on money. The people that talk about money the most are those that don’t have it.

Way too many people are going through life as paupers when they are standing just a few feet away from limitless wealth and success. Turn on the lights, take off the blinders, discover what diamonds look like in the rough.

If you have to spend a lifetime working, work for higher wages. If you are going to start a business, find one that people are clamouring for. If you are going to strive to be successful, discover the success that is right in front of you.

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Write in the extra wide margin provided.

Answer the questions in the workbook.

Discover your own Acres of Diamonds.