From Junk Tires to Riches

Several years ago I was reading a fascinating story of a person who seemed like they had lost their mind. They had one of those vacant pieces of land that people started dumping their old tires on.

Instead of the ordinary “no trespassing, violators will be prosecuted” and “Private property, keep off” signs that you see on empty land, he actually encouraged people to dump their old tires on his property.

This went on for years.

One day to everyone’s surprise, the man rented some trucks to haul off the “eyesore” tires.

If I recall the value these had become to retreaders looking to recycle tires was in the millions of dollars.

So by providing a solution, “dumping place for old tires” he became very wealthy.

Like the old saying, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, really proved true in this case.

We often don’t think through the value of many things that we are surrounded by. We accept things as normal and of little value when we see it over and over. Yet the wealthy person looks at the same thing the rest of us look at and sees the value, the opportunity.

Where are your Acres of Tires …oops I meant, Acres of Diamonds?

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